"Rhythm of Breath" 54x72"

"Rhythm of Breath" 54x72"

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Kelsey lives in North County San Diego with her husband, daughter and son. She loves to spend her time creating, making jewelry, outdoor activities, the ocean, yoga, green beverages, prosecco, espresso, adventures, traveling, dancing and spending time with those she loves. 


Artist Statement:

My multi-media abstract paintings are blueprints: a visual reference for the structure of the human experience. This structure is divided into three rooms: the body, sensory experience, and thoughts and feelings. I create the blueprint for these rooms using the principles of embodiment, awareness, and the tension of yin and yang.

My work is intrinsically autobiographical and focuses on the benefits of embodiment within the process of creating. It is a timeline of the personal history and evidence of being present; a photo emulsion of felt experience. 

If one can sit still long enough, the body will speak.  My work is about showing up and listening long enough to respond, pause, wonder, change, and rest in discovery.  This sensory experience is a human struggle rooted in the complex, variable relationships we all share with our bodies.

Paint layers communicate depth and complexity.  They draw you in, arousing a moment of pause and activating the mind to engage in deeper awareness of what lies beneath. Vulnerability and resilience are recurrent themes. The mind tends to adapt and thrive within binary mental frameworks, and my creative process engages in non-dualist mindfulness and an appreciation for beauty in all its forms.    

My work blends contradictions of seemingly contrary forces that may in fact be complementary or interdependent in the natural world.  I often paint in pairs and consider them cohorts in traction.  I use paint to reflect relationship, conflict, connection, resolve, and beauty birthed from chaos.

My process uses the pacing of impulsive movements and with slow, meditative marks to portray the power and fragility of the body.  The senses are an exploration of the specific meanings and stories our bodies tell.  I paint in silence to heighten the other senses and increase sensitivity to the mystery and breadth of the human experience. In a way, my art is an act of sensory sharing between the artist, observer, and blueprint of what it means to be human in the world today. The painting process teaches me how to live more effectively outside the studio, respecting the senses, inspiring focus, and honoring the rhythm and beauty of life. 

Like the rhythms of life, my work is in constant flux. I relish the anticipation of what will come while venturing out with no destination in mind. Borne within me are the experiences, memories, and emotions that will eventually reflect themselves on canvas.The human experience is pregnant with this living potential, deepening our understanding of consciousness and shared existence.